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She is a star by anatheme She is a star by anatheme
named after one of my songs
Bullet; Purple inkpencil
Bullet; Purple airbrush with gouche:
Bullet; Purple white acrylic paint
Bullet; Purple time
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ziphax Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2003
a very gigerish piece.. even some same fragments like the shape of gillettes hole and also those horns. So you must be the fan of Giger?.. Hellyes - me too ;) (Wink) I got some gigerish pics also in my gallery
nebu Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Jawdrop omg this is awesome. Love the depth to this. Wonderful freehand, and I agree with kaos, love how you just let it flow, no boundries. Wonderful!! Clap
maria013 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2003   Interface Designer
like me, youre obviously a big fan of HR Giger. this reminds me of 2 Giger pieces:
Lilith, 1977 & Kim I, 1981
except that your character facial expressions look a lot less serious than Giger. Not that thats a bad thing :) (Smile)
for me it borders between serene and morbid (if that makes sense). i feel quite peaceful looking at this piece as a whole but when i look at all the details it gets kinda freaky.
I reckon there should be a bump up in contrast but other than that, this is an awesome piece of work.

:) (Smile)
deep Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
blueskys Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2002
Wow! I love this!
smokebox Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2002   Interface Designer
that is fucking beautiful man
hebblahebbla Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2002
Amazing work.. You are very good at this. :) (Smile)
freethought Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2002
very gigerish and still your own style!
well i think i have nothing more to say what hasnt been said before..
its just great! =) (Smile)
serpent Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2002
That looks like Giger indeed!! Awesome work!!
abaddon36 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
wow, very gigerish. I love that :D (Big Grin) great style
I like the detail the monochrome grey scale works fantastically for this peice.
opheliaaviance Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
DOPE!!!! Very gigeresque...
revelation9 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
good work can't wait until i get to try an airbursh out :| (Blank Stare) hopefully next semester i will :O (Eek)
wyrm-sign Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
Fucking awesome. This is a great piece, I'll say it now, it's a definite fav. Not only is it a compositional work of greatness, but it's also technically superb. I love the grey scale feel to it, rebel against the colours! Great line work, fantastic shading, and the form is wonderful. It is a nice composition, and yeah it reminds me of the Giger Necrimonicon images, but it is a piece that stands by itself. All the great undulating living forms are exquisitely grotesque and beautiful and that same time. This is what I wish I could achieve in painting I think. It encompasses the idea of "eroguro" (erotic and grotesque) that I'm incredibly fond of. Great lighting, open rib cage, facial masks, horns, all feeling very organic and at the same time mechanical and spiritual. Simply fantastic my friend. Simply fantastic. Worship
abysmalfyre Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
O_O Woooooooow. You're amazing. You did those effects by hand? That's just too kewl. I love the detail and the design, especially where part of the structure goes into the eyes of the female figures. And of course.. I like the materials you used. ^_^ Great piece!!! How long did it take you? A few days?
hardkoreheaven Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
You are soooooooooooo soooooooo very good at drawling. I bow at your talent. Keep drawling as well as you do.
Alicia-Hannah Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
I love your airbrushed pictures.. they're always dark and mysterious :D (Big Grin) I really love her hands and eyes.. and all the little details..
azarath Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
another great job!! Heart
massikka Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
good work again :) (Smile)
really reminds me of gigers art :D (Big Grin)
samanosuke Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
Interesting and intricate...looks cool. :) (Smile)
ka-os Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
Very nicely done. I can see where your giger inspiration falls into place. You have some amazing freehand skills. Love how you just let you imagination flow out on the paper and didn't hold to any normal boundries. Keep up the good work.
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